PROS steamroll Corinthians USA

PROS steamroll Corinthians USA

SAN DIEGO – Calif. The PROS put up the most impressive numbers of the season during an 11-0 shutout victory over Corinthians USA on July 8 at Chino High School.

The game remained scoreless for the first 15 minutes, as the PROS kept the ball in scoring range but didn’t connect for any goals. Corinthians USA players began to get rough, shoving forward Tre Hayes to the ground. After that brief exchange in front of goal, the PROS let loose.

“We came out with a goal in mind of a strong start as we knew we were going into playoffs next week. The team was really focused to accomplish the objectives set by [Head Coach] Ziggy [Korytoski],” said Man of the Match Amani Walker.

The first goal from forward Amani Walker came off a perfectly timed pass from Tre Hayes in minute 15. Five minutes later, Felipe Liborio connected with Hayes, bringing the score to 2-0. In minute 22, Callahan worked his way through the right side of the field and scored unassisted. Hayes, the target of much of Corinthians USA fouls, earned a PK in minute 30 and brought the score to 4-0.

At the end of the first half, the PROS led 4-0, and keeper Kyle Jackson warmed up in goal to replace Jean Antoine.

The PROS scoring plays began quickly in the second half. From minute 55 to minute 80, the PROS scored seven goals. Teammates continually pushed the ball to Walker as he continued the hunt for the NPSL Golden Boot Award.

In the second half, Walker had five goals including one off a PK. Hayes also added another two goals to his two in the first half.

With the 11-0 shutout, the PROS extend their unbeaten streak to 10 games and racked up their third clean sheet of the season. “I think we’ve put ourselves in a great position going into playoffs next week,” said Walker.